Here we provide what a prospective student’s parents may need to know, in general, about choosing a program for a struggling teenager. Here we also provide what they may want to know, more specifically, about the young people and parents who have already joined the Montana Academy community.

We urge that, before deciding to complete and submit an application, parents review this website’s comprehensive description of Montana Academy—its developmental and clinical programs, school, staff, students and families. To help parents gauge the fit between a teenager’s problems and the Academy’s programs, here we also sketch the Academy’s “typical” student and family, and describe the Academy’s admission criteria. To inform parents well ahead of time about relevant financial and insurance policies, we provide those key policies here.

When parents and consultants are confident that a place at MA may well make sense, they here may download an application check-list, which organizes the process; an application to be completed; associated consents and agreements; notice of , and review the Academy’s relevant policies, so as to complete and submit an application packet.

Choosing A Program
The Admissions Procedure
The Exploratory Visit
Typical MA Students
Typical MA Parents
Tuition & Financial Policies