Once parents conclude that MA is a top choice for a therapeutic boarding school, then the admission process takes just four steps: (a) a screening (with MA’s Admissions Director); (b) a completed application; (c) an exploratory visit; and (d) a mutual decision to enroll.

The screening call, usually conducted by an educational consultant, prevents wasted effort and time. For example, there may be no places available in the needed time frame, or only places for girls, or a place on a particular team that constrains which kind of clinical problem can or cannot be accommodated. When the prospects for admission are reasonably favorable, parents are invited to complete an application and schedule a visit—which typically happen while a struggling son or daughter completes a wilderness program. The application and a visit to the ranch provide bases for parents to determine, and also for the Academy’s clinicians to confirm, that there is a match between a family’s problem(s) and MA’s program(s).

If parents decide to proceed and the Academy’s senior staff concur, then a date is set for enrollment.

Choosing A Program
The Exploratory Visit