The purpose of the obligatory exploratory visit is to provide parents a basis for making an important decision in a teenager’s (and a family’s) life. The mutual interview at the heart of every parent’s visit is an opportunity to discuss problem(s) that parents hope the Academy can address and help to resolve. It is also a chance for parents and MA leaders to gauge the fit of the MA approach to the shape, size and acuity of a potential student’s problems. In the making of an accurate, mutually-agreed-upon appraisal, much is at stake for everyone involved: parents, a future student, and the whole ranch community, including other families.

To accomplish this mutual appraisal, this visit routinely involves key staff introductions, a tour of the working school (while classes are in session), a visit to the dormitories, the library, sports facilities, the shop, and the lodge. Parents then join a team table (students and staff) for lunch with the whole community. Students welcome prospective parents, ask about a prospective team-mate, and speak frankly, if asked, about what it has meant to them to be students at MA. By the end of this half-day on campus, most parents feel that they know pretty well whether the fit is right, and feel that they know pretty well the program, staff and other students at MA. They know pretty well whether their own son or daughter will thrive at the ranch. Also, by the end of that visit, MA’s experienced staff have a pretty good idea whether the fit will be comfortable and whether the family’s troubles are problems the Academy is likely to be able to help to resolve.

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