Financial Policies

Acceptance Fee (non-refundable) $2000
Tuition $8750 per month for students enrolling after July 1, 2018 and for all remaining families after January 1, 2019.

1. Tuition for a month is due by the 1st of each month. A courteous reminder will be mailed each month. Residual days in the month of enrollment will be prorated. Residual days in the month of discharge will be prorated also.

2. When students travel off campus for optional or extended field trips or for personal occasions e.g. special medical care- charges for transportation and needed supervision must be additional. Individual psychiatric treatment- psychiatric visits, pharmacy charges, health clinic charges or psychological testing beyond the program’s standard session, group and family work, will be billed separately to families, like any other medical services.

3. The $2000 Acceptance fee is a one-time charge paid at the time of enrollment to cover processing of the application, initial school supplies, textbooks, linen and bedding and equipage beyond the standard clothing list and wilderness gear.

4. We also require that students establish a non-refundable activity account with an initial deposit of $150 to fund student allowances and activities. The family will be then billed $150 per month to maintain this account until graduation.

5. Skyhouse is a fully integrated part of our program… tuition remains the same.