As a group MA parents are professionally diverse, but similarly well-educated. They hail from thirty states but share a warm, intelligent interest in healthy children.

The Academy selects parents as carefully as it chooses students. Insofar as MA has a choice, its leaders have been able to pick parents who take parenting seriously. As a group, these MA moms and dads have recognized that they need not blame themselves for all their daughters’ or sons’ problems, but nevertheless must see themselves as able and willing participants in their solution. They share a common impetus to help, to pitch in, to participate. They are routinely willing to reconsider, ready to be accountable, avid to learn, and open to doing things differently if they can see a better way.

These are not only self-interested contributions. For most MA parents, participation has not been confined to what their own families can gain. MA parents have been willing to join a community of mothers and fathers, to sustain a collective culture, to support the work the MA staff do with all the Academy’s students. They have encouraged one another with empathy, taught one another with tactful honesty, and have been affectionate and hopeful about each other’s children.

This has become a remarkable culture, which has a great deal to do with the Academy’s outcomes. For its own part, MA’s admissions leadership does its best, with every enrollment, to add newcomers to this parental community who are worthy of it, who will sustain its shared culture, who will be good neighbors in the village it takes to raise civilized adults.