MA has two separate campus locations which, for many students, provide distinctive experiences at two very different stages in the program. All students begin at (a) the Ranch campus, forty miles from town. Many students complete the MA program there. Other students, however, who reach an advanced stage in the program and have earned (almost) all the pre-collegiate high school credits they need to graduate, spend their later months (usually two semesters) at one of the Academy’s supervised group homes, located near down-town Kalispell, called (b) Sky House.

These campuses serve different needs (see the ranch and Sky House program descriptions under “MONTANA ACADEMY”). Accordingly, the ranch is a calm, rural setting, far removed from temptations of mass culture; it is self-contained, relaxed, and readily defended against drugs and other contraband. For older, advanced students, however, the Sky House(s) test new maturity, challenge students to organize their own lives, and helps them learn to make themselves at home in strange place, an experience they will find useful all their lives, and to balance college courses, a job, personal tasks, a social calendar, and communal chores.

In this section of the MA website, we offer photographic “tours” of each campus, surroundings and programs. To take a tour, just click on one of the links below.

Campus Ranch
Sky House(s)

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