We have been a member of the Montana Shared Catalog since 2004. The Montana Shared Catalog is a consortium of 140 libraries across the state of Montana of which 45 are school libraries. In addition to the school libraries, there are academic, public and special libraries participating in the Shared Catalog. This catalog allows us to search our Montana Academy Library collection as well as the collections of the other libraries if need be. We do have the option of borrowing materials of the other libraries. All staff and students have their own individual library card with a barcode to be used in checking out books using the designated Library computer. Moving to the Montana Shared catalog has been a long, involved process which required re-processing each book with a new barcode and entering the relevant information into our new data system.

Students and staff can go the Montana Shared catalog through the internal Montana Academy website. Typing in specific words, phrases or book titles on the screen will begin a search and produce a list of books that can be checked out. Clicking on a specific book title shown will enable the reader to view a more extensive description of the book. Our Library is now set up using the Dewey Decimal system with bookcases clearly labeled. The Dewey Decimal system is posted in the Library for easy access using (1) the general topic method and (2) the Hundred Divisions with subdivisions explained under each main heading. We have four main sections in the Library: Reference, Biography, Fiction and Non-Fiction.

Currently we have approximately 5,000 books processed into our new data base. We also house approximately 30 magazines. We would like to thank Montana Academy for their support and for continued assistance in expanding our book collection.

“Barns to Books” by Connie L. Jones, Librarian