We encourage students to take the PSAT, SAT and/or ACT tests during their tenure at Montana Academy. The best preparation for taking these standardized tests is academic background in both mathematics (algebra 1, algebra 2 and geometry) and English (Literature and writing courses, Vocabulary, Grammar and Writing). If students have had these courses, they should be prepared for these assessments.

In addition to completing academic classes, we recommend that students enroll in an on-line test preparation course (MyMaxScore) during their first month at Montana Academy. Your Team Teacher will contact you about enrollment—the cost is $75.00 for one year. While no test preparation can replace coursework in mathematics and language arts, we have found MyMaxScore to be an effective test preparation course because it provides students with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the testing formats and to take full length practice tests. The software (available on our in-house server) also monitors individual student performance and pinpoints any weak areas. Students can use their passwords to access to MyMax test practice in the MA library, at home and at Sky House. For more information, check out the MyMaxScore website.

While on the MA campus, your team teacher will contact you about enrolling students in the ACT or SAT. It is important for you to become familiar with the testing dates and the deadlines for registering so that we don’t miss any students who wish to take these tests. Make sure you have communicated your wishes well before the registration deadlines to your team teacher who will then forward the information to Matt Keenan, our testing coordinator. If your teenager qualifies for accommodations on the SAT or ACT, you need to contact Matt Keenan several months before the deadline. Qualifying for accommodation can be a long and tedious process so we need considerable lead-time. For more information see Testing Accommodation in the Academic section of our website.

If your son or daughter needs to take the ACT and/or SAT while at the Sky House, we want you to work directly with our testing coordinator Matt Keenan. (Once students move to the Sky House, your Team Teacher is no longer in charge of academics and testing registration). Matt Keenan takes care of the SAT and ACT enrollments. It is important for you to be aware of the dates for registering students for these assessments. Be sure to keep track of testing dates announced on the ACT and SAT websites. Students must be enrolled at least one month before a testing date. If your son or daughter needs to take one or both of these tests, we are asking for your help to insure registration well before the testing dates. Please contact Matt Keenan, our testing coordinator. His e-mail is

For access to your teenager’s SAT/ ACT scores, see Directions for Accessing ACT and SAT scores in the academic section of our website. If you have any questions, please contact Matt Keenan or your Team Teacher.


Directions to Access ACT and SAT Scores


SSD Directions REV 12-14-11