MA has been a pioneer, the first residential therapeutic school of its kind—a unique synthesis of demanding prep-school, open ranch, clinical and developmental program. At its founding none of these elements was novel, but putting them all together was entirely original.

This being so, there was no accrediting agency then set up to validate our total quality nor state agency to license our programs. We opened long before Montana licensure was available. In 1999 we joined five other national programs to start the National Association of Therapeutic Schools & Programs (NATSAP), whose Standards of Practice and Ethical Principles were drafted under the presidency of MA’s John Santa, PhD, who won NATSAP’s National Leadership award in 2007. MA was the among the first therapeutic schools inspected and accredited by The Joint Commission, which accredits the nation’s best hospitals.

Montana Academy is licensed by the State of Montana as an adolescent treatment facility. It has repeatedly passed inspections by Montana (state and local) fire marshals;

MA’s academic and clinical programs are accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC);

Both our clinical and developmental programs have been accredited by The Joint Commission as a residential therapeutic treatment program.