MA’s clinical approach begins with a dual analysis of the many adolescent problems
that Indv_Therapy_Walkingresult from developmental immaturity

rather than from one or another mental “disorder.” Montana Academy’s highly-trained clinical staff first confirm that one source of these problems is developmental immaturity, and, if so, they then look for the obstacles that have hindered psychological development.

To mitigate or remove obstacles, MA provides focused psychotherapies and, if indicated, prescribes psychotropic medication–to free students’ minds, clear their brains, simplify their lives and repair their key relationships.  To these ends MA integrates individual, group and family psychotherapies into students’ daily lives, and adds addiction prevention, and, where indicated, substance abuse treatment. 

In the following essays, we describe this unusual clinical approach in some detail.

A Dual Approach
Psychiatric Consultation
Medication Services
Addiction Prevention
Medical and Psychiatric Services Summary