Montana Academy’s medical director and nurse review each arriving student’s physical exam and medical-dental history so as to re-prescribe on-going medications and, in consultation with parents, to organize routine medical-dental and orthodontic consultations in Kalispell or Whitefish—for which our administrative team arranges transportation and supervision. Meds prescribed by consulting physicians are packaged and sent to MA each week and included in our routine medication services.

A physician or nurse is routinely present at the ranch most week-days to examine and care for students with minor injuries or non-emergent infections, and to send serious problems to the Urgent Care clinic or Emergency Room at Kalispell Regional Medical Center. On evenings and weekends they respond by telephone to staff questions about student health and refer students for immediate acute care in Kalispell. When acute transport is required, our staff may summon Marion-based Search & Rescue paramedics, or KRMC sends its helicopter with paramedics who can arrive on campus within minutes.