The MA program provides a structure of prerogatives and constraints, which are made explicit in clan check-lists, privileges, campus rules, dress code, schedules and pro-cedures shared in common by all students, parents and staff. These are not just obstacles to the good life or petty rules for the sake of having rules, but rather, a core aspect of the needed treatment for adolescent immaturity.

Briefly, they are a prescribed regimen of recognition and limit-setting, which together encourage, support and prod students to grow up. In the histories of MA students there often has been some disruption in these experiences (e.g., when a divorce or a death has disrupted parenting, or when ADHD, or trauma or drug use made parenting much more difficult). To restore them both, and to sustain them in tandem, is a major part of the remedy.

In sum, then, this is the meaning of the Academy’s rules and limits. This is why Earth clan privileges are curtailed, and options much more limited, relative to Sun clan. This is why Star clan status makes available to a student much wider options, longer passes, greater use of the telephone and home visits, which are not among the options available to beginning students. A key life lesson is taught within these structures, if the adults stick to them: that childishness constricts choices, and maturity opens up all the world’s possibilities.