2016 Graduates: One-Year Follow-up

—From telephone interviews conducted approximately one year following each 2016 graduation.
—Total number of graduates = 39
—Families interviewed = 34
—87% of graduates represented
Attending School College-75% High School-18% None-6%
Grades Good-60% OK-27% Struggling-7% Not in School-6%
Worked Sometime in Last Year Full Time-36% Part Time-44% Volunteer-10% None-9%
Family Relations Good-66% OK-22% Struggling-12% Don’t know-0%
Peer Relations Good-54% OK-31% Struggling-14% Don’t know-2%
Substance or Alcohol Use or Abuse No Problem-24% Some Use-68% Problematic-8% Don’t know-0%
Legal Problems No Problem-94% Yes-6% Don’t know-0%
Transition No Problem-36% OK-49% Struggled-14%
Home Contract No Problem-35% OK-47% Struggled-18%
General Satisfaction Good 91% Mixed-09% Bad Decision-0%