Here we gather, for those who are curious, the citations for writings of Montana Academy’s founders and staff, so as to introduce our clinical thinking, our seriousness and passion on these subjects, and to sketch for parents and visitors the lives lived by adults and adolescents in this ranch community—both from an adult perspective and also from essays, stories, poetry and art created by students.

Here we also will accumulate bibliographies for parents and colleagues who want or need to learn about adolescent psychological development and its difficulties. These will always be works in progress.

Here we will use the word, “writings,” loosely. For we will post lectures, academic papers and talks, books, stories and essays. Some are simply listed, e.g., lectures. Others will be available to download, e.g., bibliographies or essays MA staff have written for parents of students. Academic and lay essays, papers and books cited in bibliographies, the interested reader will have to locate from his own library. Others, e.g., Dr. McKinnon’s books, will be available at publisher’s websites or on-line book outlets or can be found or ordered at local bookstores.

Lectures & Papers
Letters from Lost Prairie
Nurturing Academic Maturity
MAMA-P, A Rating Scale for Immaturity — JTSP
The MAMA-t: A Measure of Relative Maturity in Adolescence (in press) — Nov 2017